What Is Full Canvassing in Jackets?

The best way you can think of a suit’s canvas is like the frame of a house. It is created in the shape of the suit and is the initial piece of canvas on which the fabric of the suit is stitched onto. This process prevents any deformation or sag to the suit and overtime conforms to the shape of the body of the wearer.

So What About A Fused Canvas?

A fused suit on the other hand doesn’t use canvas to create the structure but rather a glued interlining to the wool fabric. Fusing technology has improved dramatically over the years and this method can produce a very high quality suit, however when done poorly it is susceptible to stiffness/an unnatural look or fabric ripples in the chest and lapels from the glue wearing down.

How Does Half Canvas Fit In?

As the name suggests a half canvas suit meets in the middle of these two methods. The fabric for the chest and lapel pieces are stitched onto a canvas base, while the rest of the jacket beyond that is put together using the fusing method. This removes the issue of bubbling that can occur around the chest and lapels, and provides a more natural drape around the chest to avoid the stiff look that can come from fusing. And due to the lower amount of work compared to a fully canvased jacket, you are able to save on the price while still getting a very high quality fit/look.

So in Today’s Market, What is My Best Option?

With today’s advanced technology, a fused suit can have a very good lifespan, and from an outside viewpoint the differences are much harder to see. The lapels aren’t made as stiff and as previously mentioned the bubbling factor has dramatically decreased. It is a more economical version compared to a full canvas or half canvas suit and will definitely serve the purpose of a beautifully made custom suit.

However if you truly appreciate the art of dressing well and men’s fashion, the canvassed jacket, whether half or full, is the way to go. The canvas adapts to your body over time and creates the longest lasting suit by far. Tailors who offer this process tend to have a better mastery in the art of suit making and it simply provides an opportunity to look the best you can in a custom made suit.