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"Where do I start? From the initial meeting to the delivery of the suits Raj has been awesome to work with. The quality of the suit and material used is superior. However the most important part is how awesome Raj’s customer service is! You take quality, high customer service, and his lower cost than other custom tailors and you have a winning combination. I highly recommend that you give him a shot and I PROMISE you’ll be excited you did!! Thanks again Raj!!!"

Justice F

"had the most wonderful experience in purchasing a tailor made suit, thru Bunbury custom clothiers, not only was it a good experience, but i must comment on the professionalism and the knowledge of Raj's eye for fashion and design, His expertise in helping choose the right color and style to make an individual stand out was amazing, at first it sounded like he just wants to make a sale, but after i received my suit, and wore it in public, the amount of compliments that i received was just unbelievable, now i am convinced that he was not just selling but actually made me look better. So now i am definitely never going back to "off the rack suits". I intend on purchasing my suits thru Bunbury custom clothiers from now on."

- Richard Brown (Charlotte Location)

"I've never had a custom suit before but was familiar with Bunbury Suits because a colleague had purchased custom suits from them. I heard of the incentives offered by Bunbury, and they offered Plus Sizes, so I purchased a custom suit and two ties. Raj was the specialist/tailor that Sized me up, and he was extremely knowledgeable of today's fashions. I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend Bunbury Suits."

- Clyde T. (Charlotte Location)

"Ran into an old college pal who turned me onto Bunbury.  Said the suits he got were just right from the  getgo..didnt need  any post purchase tailoring and his  wife  was happy for the  suits  look and  attention  that  Bunbury served up. Meaning they came  to his place(his  office  and home) to choose  the style  and   fabrics he  wanted  for his  new outfits.  Then ,I went ahead  and  decided I'll give em a  try. Now  my wife has jumped into the  act  and had seen several fashions in  her magazines  that she felt she could  get a  fashion jump on those houses in Milan......anyway,  this   outfit  is  class. Strongly recommended"

- Mark S. (Raleigh Location)

"RecentIy I got a speeding ticket and when I went to meet my attorney, I was extremely impressed with how he was dressed.  His suit screamed success and he had an aura of power surrounding him.  I told him I had never seen a suit like his at any department store and he laughed and told me that was because it was custom tailored by a company named Bunbury Suits in Raleigh.  I keep a busy schedule so a few weeks went by before I called them.  When I did call and I explained I was in Fayetteville, the owner Raj said he would be happy to come to me in Fayetteville to show me his product selection and measure me. I got nervous when he said measure me and I told him I could not commit to buying anything and did he still want to make the trip and he told me "Trust me once you see the quality of the clothes I sell you will want to buy something."  I was leary about the cost but long story short, I ended up getting a custom suit and some tailored shirts of exceptional quality at reasonable prices.  The suit fits like a glove and I don't want to wear my other suits now as this one looks and feels great.  The owner told me he has been a custom tailor since the 1960's and I was very impressed he drove all the way down to my town without knowing whether I would actually purchase anything.  I will definitely do business with these people again as the difference between custom clothing and my regular clothes is amazing.  People look at me different at work and LOL women seem to be glancing at me more.  The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is the suit does take about 5 weeks to come in and I wanted one right then and there but believe me, it is definitely worth the wait."

- Michael S. (Charlotte Location)

"Raj did a tremendous job... I am difficult with a 50 jacket and 36 pant. Everything I purchased from Bunbury fits and feels better than anything else I have ever had before. I am happy to recommend him to everyone..."

- Henry P. (Raleigh Location)

"I had a great experience buying a suit from Raj at Bunbury Custom Clothiers.  Highly recommend shopping there."

- Mark C. (Raleigh Location)

"The suit was great and Raj is pleasant to work with. There is a lot of information to go through and it can get overwhelming. Luckily, working with Raj is not like working with a blank slate. He gives you his personal opinion, what is the current trend or the classic, and what he thinks would look best on you. If you want to get a custom made suit for yourself, definitely schedule an appointment with Raj."

- Nick F. (Charlotte Location)

"I purchased 3 suits and 6 shirts. All fit perfectly and were delivered on time. I couldn't be more pleased. Raj makes the entire process very easy, from picking fabrics to selecting the style that best works for you."

- William S. (Raleigh Location)

"I found the same groupon mentioned by others, and since I had a wedding coming up decided to take a leap of faith with Raj at Bunbury. The groupon included a suit, tie, and custom tailored shirt. I'm glad I did.
    First off, be aware that he doesn't work out of a tailor shop, he travels between several cities, and has a small office at each that he will meet with you. He'll have a TON of samples of cloth for your suit, shirt, or sport coat and slacks. He provides the materials that he sources himself to the tailors who make the suit, send it to him, and he works with the local tailors for the finishing details. Like many bespoke brick-and-mortar shops, he has several levels of material that increase in price and quality.
     If you have the time to spare, I recommend visiting some department stores first and trying on many styles and materials of suit to have a pretty good idea of what you're looking for before you make your appointment with Raj. Bring pictures and whatever else may help you make decisions or help him to figure out what you're looking for, because when you choose a suit material from a small sample of cloth, it's very much like choosing the color you want to paint a room from a small swatch on the wall. Often times the finished product may look much different then how you envisioned with the small sample. Knowing what you want from the start will make the process much easier for both of you. 
      Once you've picked your material, he will then go through a design book with you and you can choose every detail of your shirt, suit, vest, what have you; from the overall fit to the style of pockets. Again, having a good idea of what you like and how it looks on you will make this process smoother. He then takes every single measurement you can possibly imagine to help the suit fit well. 
  As another reviewer mentioned, make sure you are quite specific with what you want the fit to be. Raj is extremely focused on your satisfaction, but he needs to know exactly how you want it to look on you. His advice is based on experience and he has a great eye for detail and fit, but you need to have a solid idea of how you want to look in the suit, because it can be quite expensive and the suit should last a very long time if cared for. He kept working with me until I was completely satisfied with how the suit and vest I bought came out, even changing a few details I had chosen myself, but changed my mind about when I saw it in person.
  I'll add in one more plug here, do not underestimate the importance of a well tailored dress shirt. You may not think you have any problems with off the rack shirts, and they may be perfectly adequate, but a well-cut and tailored dress shirt is a thing of beauty. I don't have a calvin klein silhouette by any means, but I feel like James Bond in the shirt I got from Raj. 
   Finally, let me just say that though I wasn't quite prepared for what I was getting into at the end I was very happy. Raj is experienced, is quite willing to provide guidance in decisions and explanations of fit, style, and construction, but  is also respectful of your choices. So long as there is time to do so he will work with the tailors as many times as necessary to get the final result you want, and is overall kind, courteous, and easy to work with. The whole process took about six weeks for me."

- Mike T. (Raleigh Location)

"Great customer service, professionalism, and quality! Raj is a great, friendly guy and he is very flexible and offers great deals. He's also got a great sense of style and fashion. Highly recommended to everyone looking for a good suit!"

- Sandra B. (Raleigh Location)

"I hardly ever write reviews, but after buying a suit from Bunbury Suits, I felt compelled to. Obviously, I liked the quality of the suit. What really struck me though, was the customer service. I have been buying custom-tailored suits for years, but I have never worked with someone as personable as Raj. He took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for.  The detail and precision with which he took my measurements eliminated the doubts I usually have when buying custom-tailored suits. I am so happy to finally have a locally owned custom-tailoring business that I can actually rely on." 

- Barbara J. (Raleigh Location)

"I had my first custom suit made by Bunbury this year. The process was quick and simple. The measures were good.I was pleased. If I determine I need another suit I know where to go."


"Raj just completed making me a custom suit from me, using the styling of a suit I had bought years ago that never fit properly. He got all the detailing on this “feminized” suit perfectly, down to the riveting and pleating of the skirt. I received numerous compliments wore it for the first time.
A job very well done Most impressive professional expertise." 


"Picked up my suit from Raj today and it looks great. I had lost some weight since it was made and Raj offered to take it in for me when I was done with my diet. Very nice gentleman and excellent attention to details. Will be a repeat customer."\


"Raj, was great to work with. My suit, shirt, and blazer fit wonderfully. Feel great, look great and I’m amazed at the compliments I’ve received. I’ll never buy off the rack again.
Raj’s experience brought out my best look. I need to get a few more shirts and maybe another suit soon. Definitely recommend working with Raj."


"This was my first custom suit and it is incredible. For those of you deciding between an off the rack suit and a custom suit by Raj, go with Raj. And the fact that it is competitively priced makes it a no brainer. Thanks Raj!"


"This was my first custom suits and they are better than expected. Raj has been great to work with and they are an exceptional value for the money."


"Raj provided great service and advice about the cut and style of my suit. If you’ve never had the experience of collaborating with a professional on creating a truly bespoke suit, then there is no better place than Bunbury and Raj to start. The customized fit and tailoring of this suit and shirt makes a tremendous difference – you don’t need a lot of dress clothes, you just need one or two really good items."

J. Scott Lane

"I am very happy with my purchases from Raj. As a 6’8″ man, finding clothes that fit me is very difficult. Raj got me into the best fitting suit and shirts I have ever worn."


"I purchased my first custom suit from Bunbury this summer and I couldn’t be happier. I have a “hollow back” and I can look fat in off-the-rack shirts and suits. Raj recognized this immediately and tailored my suit to give me a flattering silhouette. He also helped me choose a style right for me, explaining thin pinstripes would be best for my age and build. The suit came back two weeks early, and when I tried it on no additional alterations were needed. I will be a repeat customer. Thanks so much!"


"I cannot emphasize how well Raj takes care of his customers. I have visited some of the finest tailors in Washington D.C. and New York. Not one of them, take the time to establish a relationship and do the things necessary to keep it. If you go any place else, you are wasting time and money."


"Over the past several months, I’ve replaced the majority of my professional wardrobe with Raj. His attention to detail is impeccable and his service is truly top-notch. Raj provides and excellent product at competitive prices and seals the deal with wonderful service. I couldn’t be happier with my purchases."


"It is very hard to me to find a suitable suits in the market. One day I found a coupon and met with raj. He is very nice and talkable person. He carefully help me to choose color, to give me suggestions and to measure my size. And finally I got a perfect suit. And this is my first suit in my life!!!!
BTW, he is very careful to select the cloth and material, and I have to say if you live in triangle area, you should consider raj`s shop."



"I am 66 years old and after trying on my first suit from Raj I feel like I have waited 45 years too long to get a suit that fits and looks perfect! You are reading these reviews because you are interested, right? Do this–you will never regret it."


"I just got a suit and blazer from Raj. The fit is amazing and the quality of the workmanship is excellent. Thanks much!!"

Robert Williams

"Received my suit earlier this week and I couldn’t be more pleased. I got many compliments and love the the fitted suit feels. No regrets and would do it again. Thanks Raj!"


"Just got my first custom suit today. Fits perfedtly. Raj and the team did a wonderful job and really know how to get the job done to the last stich. Very professional and timely. "

-Working student


"DIs suit is fit me me perfect. The hoes think i be a lawyer or somefin. Dats how good my man raj make me look."



"Great fit, great design. Luxury clothing at it's best"

-Arthur Apolinario (MD)


"This was my first Custom fitted suit and it looks and feels impressive.  I was not used to my clothes fitting so well.  First time I wore it, I recieved no less than five comments concerning the suit.  Good job."

-Ken (Director Chairman)


"Raj has totally changed how I look at suits. I bought a suit and this was the first time I have ever had something custom made. Raj was very understanding and helpful in terms of walking me through each phase of the design and giving me ideas. Do to circumstances, Raj delivered the suit to my house and made sure everything fit and looked as it should. I can't tell you how many compliments I received the first time I had opportunity to wear my suit. I will certainly go back for more suits and shirts. "

-Jeff (Medical field)


"Raj is great, worked around my schedule and the shirts look great!  I brought the shirts back one time for a small correction, he gladly took them back, fixed them, had them cleaned and delivered promptly.  Great service, I will definitely be going back!"

-Spencer (Mortgage Specialist)


"Picked up my four shirts today. They are great, and for the first time in my life I have shirts that fir me perfectly; and,  on the frist try.Great job Raj.. "

-Dave (Teacher)


"Raj did an excellent job with my suit and shirt. Everything fit perfectly on the first try and I was very happy when I looked in the mirror. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks"

-John (Banker)


"I am tall, with an athletic build.  Raj was able to fit me in a suit beautifully.  His knowledge of all the details of the proper fit of a suit is quite impressive.  He has a customer for life in me."

-Rebecca C (Director)


"Raj did an excellent job with the suit. Everything fit well on the first try. I know where to come back for a great suit."

-Brad (lawyer)


"Raj did a great job.  Suit was perfect the first time and my family noticed a difference in the fit compared to my "off the rack" suits immediately.  It was actually a fun process I look forward to doing again."

-Scott (CFO)


"I bought two suits and they fit like a glove, Raj does great work and I plan to be back!  Thanks."

-Andy (Principal)


"Absolutely love my suit!"

-Scott Hart (Sales Director)


"Really enjoy the fit, look, and feel of my new suit.  Fits better than any of my tailored suits off the rack.  Look forward to getting another one down the road.  Raj was great.  He made sure everything was to my preference, and made an effort to work with my schedule."

-Christiaan M (Attorney)


"I never realized what I was missing until the day I tried on my suit and shirt from Bunbury for the first time. The fit is so much better, now it feels odd wearing my old, off the shelf shirts (even though I've had them tailored).I'm glad Raj decided to do a Groupon last year so I could be tempted to try out the world of custom clothing. Thanks!"

-Patrick S (Technical Marketing)


"Raj put an exceptional amount of effort into making sure my custom suit and shirt would fit perfectly.  He even insisted on making some final adjustments to the jacket although it looked fine to the untrained eye.  I was very impressed by the experience and final product."



"Raj. I have to admit, I was equally as impressed with Raj. he offered me the  same coutesy  I used to get from Peter in San Francisco."

-John Belongie (Dist. Manager)


"My custom made suit from Bunbury Custom Clothiers is the best suit that i've ever had made.  The unique detail and quality of the fabric is phenominal!  Raj's eye for fashion is undeniable.  He can suit me up any day.  "

-Pam Patton(Account Executive, Marketing)


"I was apprehemsive about the whole process given the fact that I am extremely particular about how my suits fit. Raj was great and the clothing fit perfectly!"

-Bryan Hux


"I'm really happy with my new suit and shirt.  Raj's work is immaculate and I like his demeanor. "



"Ordered two suits, 5 shirts, was very skeptical, but when i got it i was very impressed by the fit.I would very highly  recommend bunbury."

-Robert Sherry (Banker)


"I purchased a suit from Bunbury Custom Clothiers and was very impressed.  Raj is a very meticulous tailor who takes pride in his work.  He was early for the appointment and already had all materials available for me to choose from.  The suit is excellent.  If you are looking for a tailor consider Raj.  You won't be dissappointed."

-Lonnie (Military Retired)


"Got the 2 suits I ordered 3 weeks ago and man oh man there is a world of a difference between regular suits and custom made suits.  I have never had a custom suit before but it is worth every penny and more.  The comfort is unbelievable and I feel like the fit makes me look like a million bucks.  The only downside is after being fitted they take 4 to 6 weeks to come in but it was worth the wait.  You have a customer for life."


"Raj was the guy who helped me and I must say I got a good deal on a tailored suit!!!!"

-Stephen H. (Charlotte Location)

"I purchased a suit from Raj.  Raj's knowledge and professionalism is unsurpassed.  The time and effort that Raj put into ensuring that my suit was perfect will make me a lifetime customer.  He came to my location to take my measurements and even though I had to reschedule several times due to my clients, he never treated me less than best.  I highly recommend Bunbury suits, but more importantly I highly recommend Raj.  He represents the best in customer service."

- Lonnie D. (Charlotte Location)