Custom Bespoke vs. Made-to-Measure

The suit, particularly the men’s business suit, is universal as a staple garment in a gentleman’s closet. By this measure, it is extremely important when creating your personal style to have a strong foundation with this cornerstone. Once you take that first step into the world of menswear, you’ll realize just how important your clothing is.

A suit can be defined by many things, and although there are thousands of combinations in the details, the single most important factor is the fit of the suit. Since it covers 90% of your body, it is important to have a suit cut to flatter your own strengths and weaknesses rather than the standard off-the-rack suits built to fit some imaginary “average” man. Now one of the big questions many struggle with is deciding between a custom-made bespoke suit vs. a made-to-measure option.

Simply by definition, a bespoke suit is custom tailored to an individuals measurements by a master tailor.

  • It is created to highlight your own individual features and kept on your own personal record to be used only when you order new outfits or have alterations needed giving you total creative control.
  • The work that goes into every details provides for greater longevity on the suit along with the superior fit.
  • The main drawback many find with this is simply that is takes time and is expensive. Many times it won’t be perfect first time and will take additional maneuvering to get just right. 

When looking at the made-to-measure option, essentially you are taking an off-the-rack suit and having it tailored and fitted to an individuals frame.

  • You are using fabrics and cuts that have already been made, they need excessive tailoring to try and aim for a more natural fit.
  • Provides a decent and quicker in between option between off-the-rack and a bespoke suit as it does allow you to pick personalizations such as the lining, buttons, and material in some cases.
  • Although there is more immediacy in this option, it does not allow the wearer to have a suit that matches their personal curves. For example it can create a perfect length on the sleeves but may not be able to account for a stoop in the stance or if a shoulder is lower than the other.

Essentially when looking for the perfect mix of fit and quality, the bespoke suit is always the way to go. It allows to remove the stereotype of the “stuffy, constricting” suit and enjoy a garment that not only enhances your appearance but also moves comfortably with you. A made-to-measure suit allows you to essentially get half way there in terms of changing the fit and personalizing the suit to your needs. Before you even open your mouth, your suit announces and speaks for you, and a strong, sharp cut made to your vision goes a long way.