Suitable Suits: Summer Weddings

In the height and heat of summer, it’s hard to stay cool. Sunset weddings may be romantic, but those pit stains sure aren’t. Check out these tips to look your best while beating the heat.

Stick to the Dress Code

We should start with a disclaimer – if there is a dress code specified on your invitation, stick to what it outlines. You can’t get more straightforward than black tie. Summer weddings however, usually aren’t so strict, which allows you room for creativity.

Let Your Skin Breathe

Light, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen are your best bet to keep that classy, textured look. However, a wool or a wool-blend also works in cooler summer areas.

Generally, you want to go with a two-piece suit, unless you’re a member of the wedding party, where a three-piece suit is more standard.

Tailored separates are also a fashionable option for a more modern and relaxed look. This essentially means that your blazer is a different color than your trousers, such as a navy blazer over white trousers.

Light Colors

Stay cool and fresh with light colors – bright colors and pastels both work well.

Light colors provide a perfect palate for creativity – they are easily paired with other light colors, as well as traditional darker colors, like navy or chocolate brown. Looking to work with some of your existing wardrobe staples? Blue and gray tones, like navy, light and medium gray are what you should be considering. Here are some classic combinations to get you started:

  • A pastel blue pinstriped jacket in cotton over a crisp white cotton shirt, with a pocket square of jewel blue - no tie necessary
  • A navy jacket worn unbuttoned over white pants with a pastel shirt, completed with a fun patterned tie
  • A salmon suit fully buttoned over a patterned white shirt, with beige derbies


The color of a suit is more obvious, but don’t forget that the small, subtle details are often what define your personal style and can set your look apart. Ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, shoes, lapel pins, are all accessories that you can experiment with to create the look you want.

A summer wedding is a perfect opportunity to experiment with your style. All that matters is your comfort, fitting, and confidence in creating the look you want.