Suit Accessories - The Essentials

When it comes to accessorizing a suit, staying within the realm of classic style leaves few options yet these subtle notes are very important to creating your look. As always these are general guidelines but never be afraid to let your personality show, as the best outfit will always reflect your individuality. Here we will simply cover some basics and the right way to use them!


The necktie is perhaps the most well known and classic way to accessorize your suit, and can still be the most expressive piece of cloth in your wardrobe. Consider pattern, width (body shape and the boldness of your look should play a part in this), fabric (100% pure silk is still the industry luxury standard), and the fold of the tie.

Pocket Square

Much more than simply a handkerchief that reminds you of the old days, this square of fine silk (or cotton/linen depending on the season and the occasion), is a piece of style every suit wearer should keep on hand. It adds a subtle pop to any suit combo, especially in a room of muted suits it is a sure fire way to stand out.

Cuff Links

Cuff links are paired with either a french cuff shirt or, a popular option in tailoring today, the convertible cuff shirt. They serve an obvious purpose with the french cuffs however from a style perspective, they add a sense of formality and polish to the outfit. Or in some cases can even be a great way to get creative and add some of your personality to the suit in a subtle manner.


Aside from the very obvious function of the timepiece we all love, pairing the right watch with your suit can say just as much about your style and status as the shoes you wear. Investing in a few options to pair with various styles can really bring your outfit together in ways many don’t think about.


A good wallet may not seem like a very essential touch, but it does make a difference. It is more for you personal satisfaction of keeping a clean and well put-together look. Additionally it should be ideally used for credit cards while a separate money clip is used for cash.

Leather Gloves

Always a great move in the colder climates and seasons. The classic method of driving gloves are always an option though not as common these days. When choosing your gloves to pair with your dressed up look, try and go for a cashmere lined supple calf, or deerskin. If it gets really cold or for tougher situations you can’t go wrong with a wool-lined cowhide.


When choosing your scarf try and go for a contrasting look, perhaps a bright color or simple pattern. Usually worn in pair with an overcoat, cashmere should be the material of choice for this accessory as nothing will feel better draped around your neck.

Leather Belt

Although the classic rule with a custom bespoke suit is that you shouldn’t need a belt if the pants fit properly is still true, in today’s fashion the belt is an essential piece and you are not fully dressed without one. When choosing your belt, simplicity is the key to elegance. The buckle should subdued and not overly showy and the belt should pair with accessories such as your shoes, watch, and wallet.


Though they have longed been a very underrated accessory, socks have pushed their way into the limelight for adding a pop of color and individual style to any suit ensemble. It breaks up the monochromatic nature of many suit styles and a nice merino wool or pima cotton depending on the season is a touch you can never go wrong with!