Our Tips to Keep Your Style Sharp


1. Always check the shoulders for a proper jacket fit, the seam should not be hanging off and it should work with your natural curves without excessive pulling or creasing when moving your arms.

2. The lapels on the suit jacket and your shirt collar should line up without a significant collar gap. The gap usually means a jacket is too small and will stretch awkwardly when performing various activities.

3. When accessorizing, make sure your pocket square is a different pattern/fabric than your tie, and be sure your tie is a darker color compared to the shirt you are pairing it with.

4. The middle button of a three-button suit or the top button of a two-button suit should fall right around your navel, if not right at the spot than preferably higher.

5. The width of your tie should match the width of your lapel, and while we are on the subject of ties, make sure the tip of your tie is at or just before the buckle of the belt.


6. The cuffs of your sleeves should peek out of the jacket sleeves by half an inch. Avoid the jacket sleeve hitting your knuckles at all costs!

7. The edge of your suit pants should just brush the top of your shoes, though if you want to show some sock have it cut right above the ankle. Just make sure you don’t have extra length as it creates a sloppy appearance and a smaller stature.

8. The suit jacket length will help dictate how “balanced” your upper body is to your lower body. Mess up the length of the jacket and the whole suit will look off. If you are under 5’9”, the jacket should end right around the mid crotch area. Any taller should be in the mid to lower range.

9. Suit pants should fit perfectly around your waist with no need for a belt to hold them up. Unlike jeans, which are generally designed to sit lower, suit pants should hit near the high hipbone area, or even slightly higher.

10. Most suit jackets are made with a standard, or “democratic", cut that creates a boxy look around the mid-section. Try and take in the waist of the jacket to fit your build but leaves some room room to be able to move comfortably. A good measure is being able to comfortably fit a closed fist between your jacket and shirt when the top button is closed.


11. Choose a fabric according to how often you’ll wear the suit. The most versatile option is a soft, but durable wool like super 120 (a measure of yarn fineness; higher than 120 is generally too delicate for daily use).

12. When it comes to wearing an undershirt, be sure to avoid letting it peak through in any way as it cheapens the overall look no matter how well everything fits. With many deep neck options available, pull for those with any open collar look.

13. Vests are not only a practical touch for colder climates, but also adds a formal touch that can set you apart. It is best worn with a single-breasted suit so it is actually visible. Also, you can never go wrong with a vest hat combo to really add style to your overall look.

14. The collar of the jacket should rest against your shirt collar, which should in turn be resting against the back of your neck. All of these should touch lightly with no significant gaps in between. A gap can mean the jacket is too loose and bunching under the back of the jack collar can mean its too tight.

15. Be sure to slim the sleeves of your jacket to decrease the wrist gap and baggy wrinkles near the elbow. Most people go for the taper look only on the trousers but providing the sleeves a similar look will add to your polished look.


16. Make sure your socks are long enough to cover any exposed leg when sitting down.

17. Your shirt should always be tighter than your jacket, lest you end up with clumps of fabric with no where to go.

18. When choosing your belt, try and opt for a thinner option to avoid add a bulky look around the midsection and be sure to match the belt to your shoes.

19. The tie dimple is a small touch but a detail you should definitely go for as it adds some finesse to your finished look.

20. Within each of us is our own personal style, formulated not only by our characteristic physically but most importantly by how we see ourselves. No matter the fashion trends, nothing will ever beat an ensemble that fits perfectly, moves naturally with your body, and is carried with confidence.