The Process

We have been in business of providing Custom Bespoke suits for the last 50 years.

As a bespoke tailor, we bring the finest traditions of London’s Savile Row to Raleigh, NC.  Unlike other tailoring methods, Bespoke-tailored clothes are custom measured, hand-made from the finest materials and fit to perfection. Each garment is an original.  Our customers have learned that craftsmanship, classic clothing and true quality are timeless. 

We spend time in extensive and precise measuring.  Only a tailor understands that no two people have identical measurements throughout. He captures each measurement and translates it with exceptional attention to detail–to each cut, each stitch, and each enclosure to ensure a precise fit. A custom made garment moves as you move.

Our primary goal is to enhance your image.  Because we create one-of-a-kind garments, they reflect your sense of success and style.  Our distinguished clientele includes business executives, professional athletes, politicians, attorneys and others with discriminating taste; people who know the comfort of a custom-made suit and the way it complements their confidence and their reputation. Whether it is for professional use or society wear, with us, your hand-crafted garment and your image are in good hands.  Call now and let us create a garment that enhances your personal image.  

Firstly, it is important to understand the basic difference between a off the rack and a custom suit:

  • An off the rack suit is cut on a general pattern and is not specific to your body type, which means that it has to be altered, thereby incurring additional costs, time and effort. One is restricted to the choice of fabrics, construction, and options available. Lower quality fabric and construction decrease the life of the suit over time.
  • On the other hand, a custom bespoke suit is made from scratch to conform to the wearer’s body. Your measurements are taken and a master tailor creates a unique pattern from that, which is kept for future reference as well. You have a choice of fabric, colors, styles and details that you may want to incorporate to show your individuality. The suit is made from scratch by hand to your exact measurements.

Secondly, it is important to recognize the innards of a suit, especially the canvas of the suit, which provides the structure and drape of a suit jacket:

  •  An off the rack suit fuses/glues the canvas to the suit fabric. Over time (and after a few dry cleanings), the glue will cause ripples and bubbles in the lapel.
  • The canvas on a custom suit is hand sewn into the jacket, allowing it to drape handsomely and not cause any rippling, despite regular cleanings.

Thirdly, is the character and individuality of the suit to consider:

  • With an off the rack suit, what you see is what you get, and with the exception of minor alterations, you have to live with what is available.
  • The customization possibilities are endless in your custom suit – you can get the cut you want, narrow or wide lapels, choice of pockets, lining color, button styles, and even thread color. 

Our Quality Guarantee:
We guarantee our garment. The sale isn’t final until you are completely satisfied with the fit, and more importantly how you feel in your custom design
— Raj Bulchandani, President