Windsor, Four-in-Hand, or Pratt?...Which tie knot should you choose?

One of the biggest challenges of wearing a suit is figuring out how to give your outfit a character that reflects your personality and style. A necktie with a personal touch in its knot is one of the best ways to add that extra oomph.

Everyone has heard, “Windsor for business occasions, Four-In-Hand when you want the casual look.” But, let’s face it. That just gets boring after awhile. So how do you go about picking a different knot to try?

We’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s all about proportions.

If you’re wearing a wide-spread collar, you want a bigger knot, like the Windsor or the Pratt. If you have a medium-spread collar, think the Four-in-Hand or the Kelvin.

That goes for body proportions too. If you have a long neck, a wider and thinner knot is more flattering, while if you have a shorter neck, a slimmer knot gives a more elongating look.

After that, it’s all about the statement you want to create. With its asymmetric look and a peek of an extra turn, the Prince Albert subtly breaks the rules but maintains all the elegance- it’s all power. For a carefree look that is all about casual sophistication, try the Van Wijk. And if you want go to the exotic route, the Trinity is a must.

Whichever you choose, if you wear it with confidence and get that tie dimple just right, you will be sure to attract attention for your debonair look.